Voting box for universities.

Revolutionise your general meetings and training sessions with our box.

Interaction, engagement and evaluation.

University voting box.

Improved student engagement.

One of the main advantages of voting boxes in universities is that they get students more involved. They can answer questions live and give their opinion via voting boxes. This makes learning more interactive and immersive, and improves motivation and participation.

Real-time evaluation.

Teachers can ask questions in real time to assess student understanding and adapt their teaching accordingly. Students can also give their opinions on specific topics.

Facilitating decision-making.

Teachers can use the voting boxes to gather student opinions on topics such as course selection, program evaluations, university policies and more. This can help make more informed decisions and involve students in the decision-making process, which can strengthen their commitment and sense of belonging.


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Electronic voting box

First interactive voting system


Our company was a pioneer in France in the creation and development of the first electronic voting system.

This technological advance has revolutionized general assembly meetings, adding an interactive element to training courses and events.

Latest-generation voting terminal



Over the years, our interactive voting system has evolved to become more powerful, and fully integrated into PowerPoint.

We have also added an online voting system, with digital convocation and signature.

Interactive electronic voting system
since 1986

years of experience

Founded in 1986, our company revolutionized the French voting scene by introducing the first electronic voting system. As pioneers, we orchestrated the first CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings.


Thanks to our innovative technology and processes, we’ve equipped numerous organizations for training and general meetings with great reliability.


For over 30 years, our teams have supported a wide range of players at their Annual General Meetings, congresses and international conventions.

They put their trust in us

Energize and increase interactivity with your students.

What is a university voting box?

The voting box is a tool born of the technological revolution. The migration to digital technology is increasingly affecting teaching methods. The voting terminal is becoming a popular tool in the world of education..
These focus more on the use of digital technology to ensure student success, right from the first year.

The voting box was created to energize classes during lecture hall gatherings. The tool has proved highly effective with university students. It enables real-time assessment of students’ ability to acquire knowledge during a course.

The various functions of the university voting terminal.

As an educational tool, the voting box aims to motivate students through participation. This system improves the way courses are developed, because teachers are aware of students' opinions and needs. The features of the voting box :

Receipt of student votes by name or anonymously.

The creation of several questions with the presentation support.

Retrieving results from students after each question.

The ability to launch a vote during lessons.

What are the advantages of the voting box for universities?

If universities have turned their attention to finding a way to ensure pedagogical transformation, they now need to focus on reducing the dropout rate. Digital technologies can now contribute to student success in universities through the use of voting boxes.

University students, especially those in their first year, need personalized guidance and real pedagogical support. Integrating voting systems in universities helps to involve students in real time.

During lessons, the teacher can enter questions into the voting software and wait for the students’ answers. This is a way of checking students’ knowledge and understanding of the course (this evaluation can be done using multiple-choice questions).

With a simple click, students choose their answer and know the results. The teacher, for his part, has a document in Excel format at his disposal to find out the answers given by the students.

The voting box is used to check students’ prior knowledge during and at the end of the course. Our tool comes with anexport of the answers, which directly displays the students’ choices. Whether good or bad, the teacher can use these results to create other ways for students to assimilate the lessons for future sessions.

The functions of the university voting box.

Benefits for universities

University voting machines are designed for:

Collecting data

Quizzes and exams

Interactive participation

Instant feedback

Time saving

The advantages of university voting machines.

Occasional use

Use of ballot boxes for occasional use, e.g. at conferences or specific courses.


Choose the options to suit your needs, with different voting options available.

Technical assistance

Our teams are available for installation and training in the use of the voting boxes. No need to worry about technical problems.


Teachers can be trained in the use of voting boxes in the classroom. This can help them maximize the benefits of using enclosures.

Quality materials

Latest-generation equipment for efficient, reliable operation.

Cost savings

The use of electronic ballot boxes can enable universities to reduce the costs associated with the production and distribution of paper documents.

High-performance solutions for universities!
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