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Voting box to make your elections secure and reliable.

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Increase participation.

Secure document access

Simplified attendance tracking and reminders.

100% online power of attorney with certified signatures.

Digital loading

Make identification easy.

Search by list or QR code scan.

Real-time quorum control.

Secure archiving of time-stamped signatures.

Interactive voting

Make voting more reliable.

Express your democratic voice in complete safety.

Anonymous elective ballots.

Secure solution with CNIL/ RGAA expertise.


Electronic voting terminals for AGMs.

Pre-assembled platform.

Send invitations by email, centralize remote management of credentials and attendance. Real-time control of invitation status.

Digital signature with digital signature.

At sign-in, the box allows you to register the participant in real time. The system can be coupled with a tablet sign-off with digital signature.

Instant results.

Each voter receives his or her own voting box with integrated voting rights and powers of attorney. When the resolution is displayed, a single press registers the vote.

Automated report.

Simply edit the minutes, with a summary of all votes and automated export to Excel. Elections are simplified and made more reliable with an anonymous mode.

Interactive and electronic voting since 1986

years of experience

Founded in 1986, our company revolutionized the French voting scene by introducing the first electronic voting system. As pioneers, we orchestrated the first CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings.


Thanks to our innovative technology and processes, we’ve equipped numerous organizations for training and general meetings with great reliability.


For over 30 years, our teams have supported a wide range of players at their Annual General Meetings, congresses and international conventions.

They put their trust in us.

The i Pericles electronic voting box

Whether you call it a keyboard, remote control, beeper, evaluation unit or interactive voting pad, you can simplify and secure your General Meetings.

The audience participates with its electronic voting device.

Boitier de vote i-Périclès

Voting results appear instantly.

i-Périclès software with powerpoint

Our electronic voting system is perfectly integrated with PowerPointallowing real-time collection of results and instant generation of a detailed report in Excel format. With processing capacity 100 votes per second, our system eliminates the potential errors of show of hands and the tedious task of entering results on paper.

What’s more, our election mode gives you the flexibility to choose from up to 999 candidates, with an unlimited number of possible choices.

The LCD screen displays the selected vote choice, an acknowledgement indicator and a charge indicator to ensure a smooth experience. Using the answer grid, each participant can check that his or her vote has been correctly recorded.

We use an intuitive color code: green for “FOR”, red for “AGAINST”, and yellow for “ABSTAIN“. Results are displayed in number of votes and percentages for optimum clarity.


Our general meetings are more efficient and reliable than traditional methods . We manage digital attendance using keypads or tablets, instantly calculating the necessary quorum.

It is important to note that our electronic voting system is autonomous and secure, not dependent on an Internet connection. In addition, our voting system benefits from the expertise of bailiffs to guarantee its reliability.

Certifications and compatibility

Electronic voting at General Assembly

– Electronic voting can be combined with our digital signature tablet system to collect signatures and powers of attorney efficiently.

– During the sign-in process, the participant signs and receives his or her voting box with integrated credentials.

– Collect AGM registrations in advance and build up a database with an identifier and voting rights.

– Allow non-registered shareholders to register on the day of the meeting.

– Set up proxies and powers of attorney for the chairman.

– Integrate postal votes with votes from the floor.

– Take into account the different voting rights for Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings.

– Voting is opened and closed by the Chairman of the meeting.

– The results are displayed after a few seconds in the form of graphs showing percentages and numbers of votes.

– The electronic voting system generates complete results in Excel and PowerPoint formats.

All these stages can be audited by a bailiff, an IT expert and scrutineers.

Let's organize your Annual General Meeting together.

Features for your General Assembly.

Registration and Quorum

Digital sign-in management with terminal and tablet. With the live vote counter, participation is displayed in real time. Support for the number of votes, and integration of postal votes in plenary sessions.

Resolutions and elections

Vote on a resolution by pressing 1, 2 or 3. In Election mode, choose from 999 candidates with built-in anonymity. A real-time tracking grid identifies voters on screen.

Voting weight management

To facilitate the distribution of voting rights, powers and votes are totaled on the box. The results are displayed instantly with everyone's votes. The distribution of votes according to the voting rules for each resolution...

Editing the minutes

Export results anonymously or by name in Excel format. Create customized resolutions in PowerPoint, in line with your corporate identity.

  1. Stand-alone, secure operation with no need for Internet.
  2. Display an acknowledgement of receipt on each voting box to confirm each vote.
  3. Real-time update of the participation grid.
  4. Certification of the voting system by bailiffs.
  5. Unique alphanumeric identifiers for each box, preventing usurpation.
  6. Confidential email communication via 2048-bit RSA asymmetric encryption.
  7. Database storage and encryption in 256-bit AES, with secure destruction.
  8. Detection of attempts to jam our voting equipment.
  9. Enhanced security for remote voting thanks to a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and analysis of network data and participants’ browsers.

Software features for general meetings.

The AGM electronic voting reference

We collaborated with Zonta International, a global association active in 70 countries with over 34,000 members. At two conventions in Nice and Yokohama, Japan, our team was on hand to manage a large volume of data relating to elections and resolutions during the sessions. The 1,500 members took part in voting on resolutions and electing delegates, with around 200 votes processed over 5 days during their annual convention.

For the Fédération Nationale des Salariés de la Construction, du Bois et de l’Ameublement, we organized their first general meeting via boitier with the FNSCBA – Construction CGT. Some 350 shop stewards gathered over 5 days at CGT headquarters in Paris to elect officers and vote on resolutions, accompanied by a video projection. We took care of collecting the attendance lists and allocating the credentials, and distributed them to the plenary session.

The elections of board members by 200 Parisian bailiffs were carried out using our solution. The bailiffs of Paris praised the reliability, efficiency and ease of use of our system for elections and resolutions.

The implementation of digital sign-in not only facilitated reception, but also enabled efficient real-time monitoring of the quorum.

Pioneer in electronic voting for Annual General Meetings

i Pericles made history by organizing the first shareholders’ meetings in France using electronic voting terminals.

We were also the first in France to introduce electronic voting for resolutions, based on the number of shares held by shareholders.

At shareholder or co-owner general meetings, where vote weights can be many and varied, it becomes difficult to ensure reliable voting sessions with paper ballots or show of hands.

The electronic voting box has emerged as the simplest and most secure solution for meeting these resolutions.

Thanks to our i Pericles software, we provide detailed, reliable and anonymous results.

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