Electronic voting for professional federations and unions

Make your AGMs and elections more efficient and transparent.

Reinvent your AGM's

As a federation, professional union,
or board of directors, you want to ensure that your meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

Risk reduction

By using electronic voting, you can eliminate the risk of fraud or voter manipulation. This means that everyone has a say in the decision-making process, and all votes are accurately counted.

Increased participation

Electronic voting enables remote participants to take part in deliberations. This not only increases member commitment, but also reduces the cost of travel and accommodation.

Streamlining operations

Our automated platform can simplify many of your administrative tasks, such as counting ballots and tallying election results, saving you time.

Cross-platform access

Your team can use the platform on a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, providing up-to-date data for fast, secure and informed decisions.

Choose innovation

Professional organizations, federations, unions and boards of directors are constantly on the lookout for new tools to facilitate their decision-making processes.

Say goodbye to long ballots and interminable debates with our dematerialized solution for convening, voting and voting by terminal or online.

Our platform complies with all applicable regulations and guarantees secure digital voting for your associations, federations and trade unions.

We use encryption technologies to protect voters’ privacy while ensuring ballot accuracy and protection.

Our system allows you to personalize each newsletter according to your specific needsThese include defining voter eligibility criteria, limiting per-member voting or implementing a two-factor authentication process for greater security (in line with CNIL).

Our platform provides real-time feedback during voting so that participants can follow the decision-making process as it unfolds.

After each event, you’ll find full, detailed reports.

Our platform simplifies and modernizes the operation of elections and resolution choices and your digital voting processes, fromsending invitations to members to collecting results from all stakeholders in a secure environment.

It also gives yourapid access to detailed statistics on the responses received, enabling you to make informed decisions based on the results obtained.


Dematerialized convocation, digital signature and electronic voting are key functionalities, perfect for local civil servants, municipalities, metropolises, departments, regions and committees.


With dematerialized convocation.

Sign up.

With digital signatures.


With electronic voting via voting terminal and online.

Dematerialized invitation platform

Gain in efficiency

With our dematerialized convocation solution, you can also manage registration, attendance and proxy donations, as well as sending automatic reminders e-mails. This solution saves you time and simplifies the preparation of your events.

Centralize your invitations in one place, for seamless use.
Automate the sending of invitations on the date of your choice and let our platform do the work for you.
Track attendance confirmations in real time and adapt your communication strategy accordingly.

Digital loading

Simplify signing

Our digital sign-in solution is easy to use and can be customized to your specific needs. It generates emissary reports in real time, for real-time visibility of quorum.

Offer your participants a secure, hassle-free electronic signature experience.
Say goodbye to written lists and pens - our digital solution simplifies the sign-in process.
Save time and energy when welcoming participants.

Voting by box

A new era of democracy

Our box voting solution is easy to use and allows you to manage the different types of choice and the results in real time. It can also be customized to meet your specific requirements, for slides with your own graphic identity.

Boitier voting is an interactive method of organizing elections and choosing resolutions, for your general meeting or other business events, live. This method delivers real-time results for greater interaction with your audience.

An intuitive, ergonomic system to facilitate decision-making.
Guaranteed anonymity and security for reliable, indisputable results.
Get instant, time-saving results.

Online voting

Take part wherever you are

Ourremote online voting solution is flexible and secure for organizing remote elections, whether for a general meeting, a congress or any other professional event.

This solution guarantees the confidentiality of votes, with a high-level encryption system. It can also be customized to your specific needs, for optimum event organization.

Offer the possibility of voting remotely with our online voting system.
Secure, anonymous voting to guarantee the integrity of the democratic process.
Our platform is compatible with all your devices (computers, smartphones, tablets) for a seamless experience.

Interactive and electronic voting since 1986

years of experience

Founded in 1986, our company revolutionized the French voting scene by introducing the first electronic voting system. As pioneers, we orchestrated the first CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings.


Thanks to our innovative technology and processes, we’ve equipped numerous organizations for training and general meetings with great reliability.


For over 30 years, our teams have supported a wide range of players at their Annual General Meetings, congresses and international conventions.

They put their trust in us

Optimize your meetings and events.

Benefits for federations, unions and professional organizations

Thanks to our electronic voting solution, federations, associations, unions and professional organizations can benefit from increased efficiency, greater transparency and better decision-making.

Our voting solutions simplify the organization of events while guaranteeing the security andintegrity of the electoral process.


Improve your decision-making with a real-time view of results and statistics.


Ensure election security by using an encryption system for online voting and a voting machine for live sessions.


Save time when organizing your events with automated processes such as invitations and registration.


Demonstrate your commitment to democracy by enabling everyone to express their opinion remotely via online voting systems.

Time-saving: Efficiency at your fingertips

Save time and energy in organizing your events by using our automated functions. Our electronic voting system simplifies the process, from invitations and registration to vote counting.

1. Automate your processes to focus on the essentials.

2. Simplify the organization of your meetings and votes with our turnkey solution.

3. Guarantee the reliability and accuracy of your results with real-time data.

Cost savings: A profitable investment

Our electronic voting system is a worthwhile investment. It saves on printing costs, reduces the risk of errors and improves the accuracy of your ballots.

1. Significantly reduce your printing and mailing costs.

2. Reduce your equipment rental costs and optimize your budget.

3. Streamline your voting process and free up resources for other tasks.

Safety and reliability: state-of-the-art technology

Our voting solutions are designed to the most stringent security standards to guarantee reliable and accurate results.

1. Guarantee the confidentiality of your data

2. Protect users’ personal data with our secure system.

3. Application of current regulations (RGPD, etc.)

Involving your federation's members: Encourage participation

Encourage your members to express their opinions and actively participate in the decision-making process.

1. Facilitate access to and participation in your events with an intuitive, user-friendly platform.

2. Strengthen transparency and democracy by offering your members a modern, secure voting experience.

3. Increase the engagement and participation of your network by allowing members to vote from anywhere, at any time.

Environmental impact: Think green for your trade federations

Reduce your ecological footprint by switching to electronic voting.

1. Save up to 90% on paper consumption with our system

2. Help preserve the environment.

3. Reduce the carbon footprint of transport by promoting online voting and digital convocations.

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