Interactive electronic voting software

A multi-platform system for online, hybrid or face-to-face voting, integrated directly into PowerPoint.

Our turnkey solutions

To optimize your in-person events, with a box and remotely with online voting.

Interactive voting i Pericles

Secure online voting.

Opt for our online voting platform and facilitate the organization of your general meetings, elections and events, whether face-to-face or remotely. Our solution gives you optimum flexibility to effectively engage your audience.

Software integrated into PowerPoint.

Fully integrate the i-Pericles electronic voting system with Microsoft PowerPoint for interactive, participative presentations.

Our turnkey voting solution is user-friendly and intuitive.

Electronic voting by box.

Our software is fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and can be rented or purchased.

Since 1986, we’ve been enriching our interactive software with all the features needed to facilitate in-person and online voting.

We have focused on ease of use and reliability throughout the development of i Pericles to provide you with the best possible experience.

i-Périclès software with powerpoint

Quick to use for votes.

Integration with PowerPoint ensures an intuitive interface for instant use of interactive tools. Numerous companies, universities, hospitals and training centers use our voting system on a daily basis for meetings, elections, training courses and quizzes. Feedback from our customers has helped shape a software package that is user-friendly and accessible to all.

A reliable tool.

Our i Pericles software is renowned for its reliability and stability, enabling you to organize electronic ballots for your general meetings, elections, training courses and quizzes with complete confidence.

We’ve used our software at thousands of events, bringing together several million users since 1986, with groups ranging from 100 to 1,500 participants.

At CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings, our software reliably and securely integrates the various shareholder voting rights, tested and validated by IT experts and bailiffs.

During training courses and quizzes, our electronic voting system integrates a list of participants for personalized results. Scoring based on multiple-choice questions (MCQs) generates a ranking of participants.

A solution for your AGMs

Features specific to this type of assembly :

• Different voting rights for each shareholder (which may vary depending on the resolution).
• Different votes for Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings.
• Management of postal, face-to-face or remote votes with online voting.
• Boost your event with the hire or purchase of electronic voting keypads! Let's put together a tailor-made offer.

Interactive voting features

Select up to 10 choices by successively pressing the corresponding buttons on the voting box.

Organize up to 10 items in your preferred order.

Define a profile by specifying criteria such as gender, age, location, and compare it with the answers to a given question.

Award points for each correct answer and instantly display the best respondents individually or by team.

Consider the speed of responses when selecting the best respondents.

Define a scenario for interactive games and quizzes.

Give your opinion on a video sequence or a speaker throughout the session.

Want to switch to electronic voting?
What is interactive voting software?

Backed by 38 years’ experience, we canoffer you a complete, user-friendly and secure interactive solution for in-person or online voting.

Our voting solution, designed by our developers and regularly updated, offers you the very best for the organization of your corporate or association events, from the management of credentials to digital voting via our mobile application.

With our software, you have total control over the creation and implementation of resolutions for your election or any other electronic vote. On the day of the event, all you have to do is broadcast your slides, and the voting can begin.

Interactive voting can be used for a variety of questionnaires in different fields, from vocational training and education to plenary assemblies and elections.

software for voting boxes

Here are some of the many uses of interactive voting:

What's it for?

With the help of tests and questionnaires, you can easily set up your exams, certifications or authorisations.

Our easy-to-use solutions will support you and simplify the organisation and staging of your events.

Our products have been designed to save you time, and have been developed and improved to make them intuitive and user-friendly.

Our solutions will support you from the beginning to the end of your event.

i Pericles systems support local authorities, companies and associations wishing to set up a reliable, secure voting system with real-time results. Our solutions will enable you to make your events, elections and quizzes innovative and modern.
For shareholder meetings, electronic voting has specific characteristics:
– Specific voting rights for each shareholder.
– Different votes for Extraordinary and Ordinary General Meetings.
– Management of postal votes.
With the help of tests and questionnaires, you can easily make your For the display of your slides, to enable secure and reliable reception of votes, all you need to do is connect our receiver to your computer and launch your PowerPoint presentation.
Interactive voting allows you to create a dynamic at your events and keep people’s attention.
At the time of registration, each participant will receive a voting box, which will allow them to express their vote when the questions and resolutions are displayed.

To display your slides, all you have to do is connect our receiver to your computer and launch your Powerpoint presentation, so that the votes can be received securely and reliably.

To make the right first impression, digitalize and automate your security greetings. Choose your interactive QHSE training solution.

Our solutions promote social dialogue through voting tools that can be adapted to all types of ballot.

The different interactive voting options.
Thanks to our electronic voting integration in PowerPoint, you can customize and adjust your questions to suit your needs. Our tool offers all the features you need to meet your voting requirements.

10 multiple choices on all our housings.

10 items in order of preference.

Cross-sorting, to define a profile (gender, age, geography…)

Points awarded for correct answers.

Immediate display of the best respondents.

Speed of response test for the best respondents.

Definition of interactive games and quizzes.

Evaluation of a speaker during the session.

Why choose our solution?
Our developers have designed both online and boxed electronic voting to offer you reliable, secure and easy-to-use voting.
Quick to learn.

Our voting solution, integrated directly into PowerPoint, makes it quick and easy to use for all your elections, general meetings and other events.

Reliable ballots.

With the i-Pericles electronic voting system, organize secure and reliable elections and questionnaires for a variety of events, including training courses, general meetings and quizzes.

Improved learning.

Our online voting solution boosts your seminars, meetings and training sessions by stimulating participation and involvement.

Personalized questionnaire.

From within PowerPoint, you can customize your questionnaires. With just a few clicks, the parameter possibilities are endless.

Optimize the organization of your events!
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