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Interactive online and box voting since 1986.


Rental of electronic voting machines.

General Meeting and Election.

Reliable, secure shareholders' meetings with voting weight management and automated voting.

Training and Education Training and Education.

Assess participants' knowledge acquisition live during an interactive session.

Quizzes and games.

Ask participants live questions, award points and display the winners.

Optimize your votes with our electronic voting box.


Easy for users, each box has a screen for changing choices. Simply plug in the USB receiver and the system is ready for up to 4,000 boxes.


Voters can see the confirmation of their vote on the screen. Voting weight management and counting are simplified, reducing errors thanks to automatic counting by box.


A full report is available in PowerPoint and Excel formats after the votes have been cast. The anonymous mode can be controlled by the scrutineers, with no correlation between the box and the vote.


Our software displays live turnout and votes in percentages and values, and manages more than 999 candidates in election mode, and is certified by a bailiff.


At the time of signing in, participants receive a voting box with their rights integrated, and digital signing in on a tablet makes it easier to calculate the quorum.


Since 1986, i-Périclès has been providing a voting system suitable for all kinds of meetings. The expertise of our on-site specialists guarantees the success of your event.

Over 38 years of innovation

First interactive voting system


Our company was a pioneer in France in the creation and development of the first electronic voting system.

This technological advance has revolutionized general assembly meetings, adding an interactive element to training courses and events.

Latest-generation voting terminal



Over the years, our interactive voting system has evolved to become more powerful, and fully integrated into PowerPoint.

We have also added an online voting system, with digital convocation and signature.

Rental of customized voting machines for your events.

The concept of electronic voting by box is simple: when the resolution or question is posted, participants use their boxes and the voting results are immediately displayed.

Interactive and electronic voting since 1986

years of experience

Founded in 1986, our company revolutionized the French voting scene by introducing the first electronic voting system. As pioneers, we orchestrated the first CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings.


Thanks to our innovative technology and processes, we’ve equipped numerous organizations for training and general meetings with great reliability.


For over 30 years, our teams have supported a wide range of players at their Annual General Meetings, congresses and international conventions.

They put their trust in us

General Meetings: fast and reliable

During the sign-in phase, participants receive an electronic voting box, either nominally or anonymously, with their credentials integrated.

At the AGM, as soon as the resolutions are posted, participants have 15 seconds to vote, and the percentage results and number of votes are instantly displayed.

A voting indicator is visible on the screen, both on the participant grid and on the box, guaranteeing that every vote is taken into account.

An Excel and PowerPoint report is available for quick and accurate drafting of the AGM minutes and results.

Training: interactive and personalized.

The voting software allows you to create a list of participants to assign a box to a person.

Question results are displayed in real time, and a personalized results report is generated at the end of the course.

The fun aspect of training increases theeffectiveness of participants’knowledge acquisition.

The training is dynamic, effective and interactive.

Interactive quizzes: fun and hard-hitting.

Our software offers a range of possibilities, including the creation of quizzes with points awarded for each correct answer, and real-timedisplay of participants’ rankings.

What’s more, presentation creation is integrated into PowerPoint, giving you the freedom to design an interactive, game-show-inspired program, including original images, video and sound.

The i Pericles interactive voting terminal replaces traditional paper questionnaires, imprecise show of hands and tedious results entry, eliminating potential sources of voting irregularities.


i Pericles: Interactive voting experience since 1986

A multi-platform system for remote, hybrid or face-to-face voting.

Our history is marked by the development of the very first interactive system in France, 38 years ago, a wired voting box that revolutionized events and training.

As experts in interactive voting, we have orchestrated the smooth running of several thousand major events, including congresses, seminars and general assemblies, both in France and internationally.

Our teams have successfully deployed the i-Pericles electronic voting system at prestigious international events, including the World Economic Forum in Davos.

We were also behind the organization of the first CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings in France, demonstrating our historic commitment to interactive voting.

With several million interactive questions asked and participants mobilized over the past 30 years, i Pericles is your trusted partner for electronic voting at your events.

Our voting software has been specially designed to meet the specific needs of electronic voting and interactive quizzes in meetings.

Numerous companies, training organizations, universities and local authorities rely on our voting terminals on a daily basis.

Our proven organizational processes ensure smooth, efficient management of your elections and voting processes at your events.

are put to the vote.


The i Pericleselectronic voting system has been audited and officially recognizedat several CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings, in the presence of bailiffs and IT experts.

Our system guarantees instant and secure processing of votes.

The voting boxes are not connected to the Internet or the local network via Wi-Fi, and operate completely independently.

The security of the voting procedure is ensured by signal encryption using a 2.4 GHz frequency.

For complete control of votes, each box offers an acknowledgement of receipt, and results are also displayed in real time on a screen in grid format.

Our CAC 40 partners

i Pericles offers a complete range of solutions for the rental and purchase of interactive voting terminals, suitable for all occasions, from quizzes to training courses and general meetings.

Our products energize events, conferences and training courses by encouraging direct interaction with the audience.

With our interactive terminals, electronic voting takes place in real time, enabling participants to respond instantly to general meeting resolutions and interactive questions.

A voting system for multiple use

This device is known by various names, such as keyboard, remote control, beeper, evaluation box or interactive voting zapette. It represents state-of-the-art technology ensuring unrivalled reliability. What’s more, the voting box operates autonomously, without the need for an Internet connection.

Interactive electronic voting system.

Instant processing of audience responses, operating at 2.4 GHz, 500 votes/second. Up to 2000 participants and beyond. Data is recorded and broadcast instantaneously.

The LCD display shows the selected vote, the acknowledgement indicator and the charge indicator. Using the response grid, each participant checks that his or her signal has been correctly recorded. Intuitive color coding: FOR (green), AGAINST (red), ABSTAIN (yellow).

The credit-card-sized keyboard is compact and lightweight. Weighing just 20g, it measures just 9cmx5cm. The voting boxes fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. No Internet access required.

Robust and secure, the voting software is integrated into PowerPoint and Windows-compatible. Numerous IT experts and bailiffs have certified our electronic voting system during our events.

A long-range receiver (from 60 to 120 meters) enabling your PowerPoint to manage electronic voting from a few participants up to several thousand instantly.

High-frequency receiver for fast voting.

Certifications and compatibility

Interactive features of the voting software.

Choose voting software to ensure the credibility of your meetings, elections and training courses.

Registration and quorum

At the start of the session, each participant registers using his or her own device, and participation is instantly updated in real time. A vote counter displays the number of votes cast during the event.

Resolutions and elections

For a resolution vote, simply press buttons 1, 2 or 3 to record your choice. You can also select one of the 999 candidates available by entering its number on the box.

Management of voting proxy

To simplify the calculation of voting rights, powers of attorney and votes are consolidated directly on the box. The results are immediately displayed, showing the number of votes for each participant.

Pre- and post-test questioning

Assessment carried out before and after knowledge acquisition to measure the level of learning and retention.

Demographic crossover

Identify your audience live and accurately according to your demographic criteria and then analyse the results in detail.

Export results to Excel

Our interactive voting software generates detailed reports of voting sessions, enabling in-depth analysis of votes.

The benefits of the interactive voting system for training.

Experts in event management for over 30 years.

Tailor-made rentals

The interactive voting system rental offer without an IT operator!

Our rental offer is designed to suit small groups of participants and recurring voting system requirements.

We take care of configuring your questions and delivering the electronic voting boxes.

Thanks to the simplicity of our voting system, a quick telephone training course is all that’s needed for independent use.

Choose our offer with an IT operator who installs the voting system, and we take care of everything else!

01. Programming questions in PowerPoint.

02. Installation of electronic voting boxes.

03. Piloting voting sessions.

04. Export results in Excel, PDF or HTLM formats.

The use of electronic voting.

Make all your events interactive!

Most current events are unfolding in the same way. The speaker is the one who sends the information to the participants in a masterly way, which often leads to a lack of involvement and a reduced ability to listen.

With interactive voting systems, the audience can participate in the event and feel involved, which encourages attention and interest.

The i-Pericles voting system collects question results in real time to create immediate interaction between speaker and audience.

Results are displayed instantly on screen, providing an objective measure of knowledge and listening effectiveness. Interactivity is easy to set up, inexpensive and appreciated by participants.

– Consult our experts in interactivity and questioning to define the objectives, content and timing of your presentations.

– Provision of a storage server if required to collect speakers’ PowerPoint presentations.

– Computer graphics and unlimited programming of interactive questions for your PowerPoint presentations.

– Presence of an IT operator to control the voting session and add last-minute interactive questions.

– Set-up and rehearsal with speakers before the start of the event.

– Modification of interactive on-site presentations.

– Distribution of interactive voting boxes.

– Recovery of voting boxes at entrances and exits.

– Collect, analyze and export your results in Excel, PDF and PowerPoint formats.

– Delivery of anonymous or nominative reports with results in percentages and values.

Pioneer in electronic voting at shareholder meetings

Proud to be at the forefront of innovation in France, our family-owned company was the first to introduce electronic voting based on the distribution of shareholdings. At Annual General Meetings, where managing votes according to the number of shares is a complex task using traditional methods, our electronic voting terminals offer a simple, secure solution. Our software produces detailed, reliable and anonymous results.

Various General Meetings

i-Pericles, a pioneer in the organization of shareholder meetings, recognizes that many events follow a similar pattern, with the speaker conveying information in a one-sided manner. This can often lead to a lack of involvement and reduced audience attention.

Thanks to our interactive voting boxes, the audience can actively participate in the event, feeling involved, which encourages everyone’s attention and interest. Our i-Pericles voting system collects responses to questions in real time, creating immediate interaction between speaker and audience.

Results are instantly displayed on-screen, providing an objective measure of knowledge and listening effectiveness. This interactivity is easy to set up, cost-effective and much appreciated by participants.

Human resources and interactive training for participants.

i Pericles simplifies employee appraisal, training and satisfaction questionnaires with its electronic voting system. Unlike traditional solutions based on paper questionnaires, our approach enables efficient collection of responses, generating detailed, customized reports.

Participants use electronic voting terminals during meetings or receive interactive questionnaires by email, eliminating the need to print out paper questionnaires. Results are instantly available.

Our system reduces the time spent on printing and entering results, while offering easy integration with your existing IT system. What’s more, our voting and evaluation systems are increasingly used in higher education.

FAQ : The answers to your questions!

You're not sure about hiring your equipment, or you're simply afraid of certain procedures. Don't worry, this FAQ will answer all your biggest questions.

Our specialists are used to event management and will meet all your requirements in terms of responsiveness and professionalism. Our teams can help you with a pre-event consultation, the creation of Powerpoint graphics of the questions, and the creation of detailed reports of the voting results in Excel, HTML and PDF formats.

The presence of an i-Pericles speaker on site is recommended for first-time interactive events with more than 100 participants. The voting software is integrated into Powerpoint and very easy to use. The no-intervention offer is more flexible and suits those looking for a low-cost voting system.

Your delivery will take place 2 days before your event, and all voting boxes must be returned immediately after the end date of your interactive event.

We encourage you to book as soon as possible, as soon as you have all the logistical details for your event. Confirmation of the rental of voting boxes is usually made three weeks in advance.

Our voting system is designed to work on events ranging from a few participants to several thousand instantly.

Results appear instantly as vertical graphs in percentage and/or absolute value.

As for the design of these voting results graphics, they can be animated in 3D, vertical or horizontal, and customized in the format of your graphic charter.

We also have the option of not displaying the results.

We travel and equip companies with interactive voting systems in every city in France and every country in the world. We are based in Paris and have a presence in the cities of Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Nantes, Rennes and Montpellier.

Our electronic voting system is 100% Apple Mac OS compatible.

Reliability: No Internet connection is required, so there’s no risk to the quality of the WiFi signal or mobile data flow at your event.

Speed: Instantaneous display of voting results as they are not based on the Internet.

Participation: A 100% response rate, as all participants had a voting device, and were not restricted to using their personal smartphone.

Participants are distracted by their e-mail, SMS and app notifications, and pay less attention to the presentation content.

Optimize your events with our solutions!
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