Interactive voting boxes

100% integrated into PowerPoint.
Designed to optimise your General Meetings,
training and quizzes.

Boost and optimize your events.

Interactive online and box voting


Interactive electronic voting system.

All votes are collected instantly with our voting boxes and integrated into your Powerpoint. Results are broadcast in real time according to vote weight. Fast, reliable ballots to ensure the reliability of your general meetings and elections on our secure platform.
General Meeting and Election.

Reliable, secure shareholders' meetings with voting weight management and automated voting.

Training and Teaching.

Assess participants' knowledge acquisition live during an interactive session.

Quizzes and games.

Ask participants live questions, award points and display the winners.

Optimize your votes.


Easy for users, each box has a screen for changing choices. Simply plug in the USB receiver and the system is ready for up to 4,000 boxes.


Voters can see the confirmation of their vote on the screen. Voting weight management and counting are simplified, reducing errors thanks to automatic counting by box.


A full report is available in PowerPoint and Excel formats after the votes have been cast. The anonymous mode can be controlled by the scrutineers, with no correlation between the box and the vote.


Our software displays live turnout and votes in percentages and values, and manages more than 999 candidates in election mode, and is certified by a bailiff.


At the time of signing in, participants receive a voting box with their rights integrated, and digital signing in on a tablet makes it easier to calculate the quorum.


Since 1986, i-Périclès has been providing a voting system suitable for all kinds of meetings. The expertise of our on-site specialists guarantees the success of your event.

Rental and purchase of electronic voting boxes.

First interactive voting system


Our company was a pioneer in France in the creation and development of the first electronic voting system.

This technological advance has revolutionized general assembly meetings, adding an interactive element to training courses and events.

Latest-generation voting terminal



Over the years, our interactive voting system has evolved to become more powerful, and fully integrated into PowerPoint.

We have also added an online voting system, with digital convocation and signature.

Electronic voting for Assembly and Training.

Interactive voting software for every purpose.

The system guarantees reliable voting by assigning different powers to different voters.

This method of participation is faster and more reliable than paper ballots or show of hands.

With ourdigital sign-in software, quorum is calculated in real time as participants arrive.

A turnkey service with an on-site technician or delivery by Chronopost, so you can be on your own.

Evaluation tools and questioning encourage interactive training.

They can be used by name, for personalized monitoring of knowledge acquisition.

An excellent assessment tool fortraining classes, with instant access to answer keys.

Within a class, students can provide an instant answer to a question in the form of a quiz.

i-Pericles lets you design quizzes with scores awarded for correct answers, and automate prize-giving with winners chosen from the public.

Voters are stimulated by interaction, and knowledge acquisition is optimized for the event and presentation.

Slide show with animation and video projected in a room with audience and added interactive features.

For any type of training event with students, our systems provide an effective and simple response to real-time evaluation.

Principle of interactive voting terminals.

When the resolution or question is displayed, voters use their voting boxes and the results appear instantly.

Data collection integrated into the Microsoft software suite and graphic charter.

A new tab is installed in powerpoint, and you’re up and running in no time.

i-Périclès collects results in real time to provide a detailed report in Excel and PDF format.

Interactive and electronic voting since 1986

years of experience

Founded in 1986, our company revolutionized the French voting scene by introducing the first electronic voting system. As pioneers, we orchestrated the first CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings.


Thanks to our innovative technology and processes, we’ve equipped numerous organizations for training and general meetings with great reliability.


For over 30 years, our teams have supported a wide range of players at their Annual General Meetings, congresses and international conventions.

They put their trust in us.

Optimize your general meetings, elections and training courses!

History of interactive voting terminals.

icone leader

Since 1986, Pericles has been a leading leading supplier and introduced the first interactive solution in France.

Année 2024

In 2024, i-Pericles stands out as a powerful and reliable voting tool, perfectly integrated into PowerPoint.

icone prise en main

Our software, which is quick and easy to learn and integrated into PowerPoint, meets all the criteria for interactive solutions.

Avantages de la plateforme de convocation

The voting boxes are specially designed to facilitate the management of training courses, general meetings and questionnaires.

Efficacité, gestion

Meeting voting becomes even more efficient with our product, specially optimized for events and evaluation processes.

Known by various names such as keyboard, remote control, beeper, evaluation unit or interactive voting cap, this device is a concentrate of technology offering assured reliability. Stand-alone, the voting box operates without the need for an Internet connection.

Instant vote tracking!

This system immediately processes the public’s responses, operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz to handle up to 500 votes per second. It can accommodate up to 2,000 or more participants, with instant data recording and broadcasting.

The unit’s LCD screen displays the selected vote, a reception confirmation indicator, and the charge level. Using an answer grid, participants can check that their vote has been recorded. An intuitive color code is used: green for FOR, red for AGAINST, and yellow for ABSTAIN.

The size of a credit card, this compact, lightweight keyboard weighs just 20g and measures 9cmx5cm, so it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The voting machines work perfectly without an Internet connection.

Two CR 2032 lithium batteries, which last about 2 years, are required for operation. Our products work in all rooms and all versions of Office. The equipment is guaranteed for 5 years. Personalized support based in France, available 24/7.

Interactive electronic voting system.

The add-in integrates directly into PowerPoint, allowing you to maintain your working habits.

Powerful, easy-to-use voting software.

Integrating our system into your slideshow makes it easy to use immediately with PowerPoint .

Creating a voting slide is as easy as one click!

It’s also very easy to duplicate a slide already set up for voting, speeding up the creation of interactive presentations.

A simplified participant grid is available to check that choices have been recorded correctly.

Fully customize colors, fonts, graphics and slides to suit your corporate identity.

Integrate animation elements such as vote counters and countdown timers, as well as horizontal and vertical graphs and diagrams.

Configure the quiz and resolutions to match your event’s image and the staging of the room.

The add-on’s functionalities cover all variants of meeting voting. They include various answer types: single choice, multiple choice, ranking, numerical answers for elections and games.
Manage a list of participants, create teams, establish rankings, adjust vote weights, and perform demographic analyses.
The system can handle up to 2,000 voters simultaneously.

Our voting system has been audited by numerous IT experts at CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings.

The reliability of our procedure is also certified by an attestation from a specialized firm of bailiffs.

Compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows and Office 365 updates.

Certifications et compatibilités

Electronic voting for Assembly and Training.

The USB 3.0 receiver is the interface between the boxes and the software add-on. Resolutions, quizzes and questions for the audience are integrated into the slideshow, along with the animations.

This USB key collects more than 500 votes/second on the 2.4 GHz frequency, with a range of 60 meters. We also offer 120-meter receivers with a capacity of over 4,000 units.

No need for wifi Internet access, the device is wireless and works autonomously in any environment.

Enhanced mobility and reliability

Works in all types of meeting rooms, with proprietary high-frequency wireless technology.

Module for modifying box frequencies for interference-free use with multiple sessions in the same space.

Solution with on-screen box acknowledgement and video display grid.

General Assemblies from French CAC 40

Electronic voting systems recognized since 1986

The AGM electronic voting reference.

We collaborated with Zonta International, a global association active in 70 countries with over 34,000 members. At two conventions in Nice and Yokohama, Japan, our team was on hand to manage a large volume of data relating to elections and resolutions during the sessions. The 1,500 members took part in voting on resolutions and electing delegates, with around 200 votes processed over 5 days during their annual convention.

For the Fédération Nationale des Salariés de la Construction, du Bois et de l’Ameublement, we organized their first general meeting via boitier with the FNSCBA – Construction CGT. Some 350 shop stewards gathered over 5 days at CGT headquarters in Paris to elect officers and vote on resolutions, accompanied by a video projection. We took care of collecting the attendance lists and allocating the credentials, and distributed them to the plenary session.

The elections of board members by 200 Parisian bailiffs were carried out using our solution. The bailiffs of Paris praised the reliability, efficiency and ease of use of our system for elections and resolutions. The implementation of digital sign-in not only facilitated reception, but also enabled efficient real-time monitoring of the quorum.

High-performance solutions for all your events.
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