Dematerialized convocation

A solution to simplify the organisation of your
events both face-to-face and remotely.

Send, track power donations and follow-up with your participants.


Dematerialized Convening Platform

The dematerialized invitation platform simplifies the sending of invitations to your events, while ensuring the security and legality of your processes. Our dematerialized mailing tool makes it easier to create, share and formalize proxy donations.
Secure document space.

Gather all texts related to your organization and the event on the same platform (invitation, agenda, resolutions...). All participants, whether elected representatives or local councillors, can log on to their personal space via a secure menu.

Real-time attendance monitoring.

You can track changes in the number of shares and voting rights in real time. Quorum is calculated in real time, with tracking of arrivals and voting weights.

Online power management.

At the end of your event, town council or general meeting, export the file with all digitized signatures and proxies sent to participants.


Simply manageof proxy.

Online proxy management offers many advantages in terms of simplicity, efficiency, security and transparency for general meetings. It improves participation and makes it easier to give power in the event of members’ absence. Optimize your AGM quorums. In just a few clicks, the power of attorney is issued and validated with a certified signature.

Simplify gifts of proxy.

Each participant gives proxy online via mobile or computer. He selects his proxy and signs his power of attorney directly in the browser, with no need to print or scan the document.

Ensure the reliability of proxies and quorum calculations.

Online proxy management reduces the risk of human error in collecting, tracking and recording proxies. This guarantees greater accuracy in voting results and registration.

Secure data storage.

The certified signature guarantees the authenticity of powers of attorney. Data is encrypted and stored securely, reducing the risk of fraud, proxy manipulation and ballot disputes.

Certified signature of proxy.

Increase attendance at your events, assemblies and town councils!


In just a few clicks, you can send out your invitations and other associated documents for your AGMs.


Our solutions give you live monitoring of the number of attendees and proxies for your meeting.


As soon as your items are received by your recipients, you will receive a time-stamped acknowledgement of receipt.


Thanks to an integrated diary, our tool enables managers to plan meetings and events, and to send out invitations using the various email templates available.


There's no risk of forgetting, because we organise the mailing lists by event, and all your mailings are grouped together in one place for ease of use.


Follow the status of submissions from the menu. Adding documents to the platform is secure and available to all participants. After the event, these documents will be archived.


A personal space has been created for each participant, where they can find all the documents sent to them: invitations, minutes, agenda and online voting.


From their own space, participants can manage their attendance at meetings, with real-time notifications, including digital sign-in on the day of the event.


If a participant is absent, he can assign and sign his proxy online. The recipient of the proxy is then notified and has the option of accepting or refusing the proxy.

Put all the information together.

To improve the flow of information and your internal organisation, you can dematerialise your invitations, minutes and reports for board meetings, town councils and assemblies.

Make your consignments secure and reliable.

Equip yourself with a tool that allows you to send and distribute your invitations in total security. Our technology offers you a reliable and secure paperless solution.

Check your documents.

Benefit from complete traceability, as your documents are sent simultaneously with the invitations to meetings and the accompanying files.

Draft internal regulations
Changes to internal regulations
For all your events
Annual General Meetings

Simplify the organization of your meetings by integrating voting weights reliably and securely with the box, via Internet or SMS. Simplify convocation and sign-in.


Organize all your elections while respecting the anonymity and security of personal data. Our cryptographic system enables the digital ballot box to be sealed, making it easier for your elected representatives and councillors to make their choice.

Training and education

Instantly display participants' answers and easily animate the evaluation with our PowerPoint add-in. Collect student or participant response with session tracking.

Quizzes and polls

Collect answers via polls and engage your audience with quizzes and rankings. Integrate interactive voting directly into your Powerpoint presentations.

Our teams have implemented the i-Pericles electronic voting system at a number of major events.

Interactive and electronic voting since 1986

years of experience

Founded in 1986, our company revolutionized the French voting scene by introducing the first electronic voting system. As pioneers, we orchestrated the first CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings.


Thanks to our innovative technology and processes, we’ve equipped numerous organizations for training and general meetings with great reliability.


For over 30 years, our teams have supported a wide range of players at their Annual General Meetings, congresses and international conventions.

They put their trust in us.

Ready to switch to paperless notification?

Thanks to digitalization, summonses that were previously sent in writing are now sent electronically. They are sent by email and can be consulted on various media: online platforms and web applications on mobiles and tablets.

Invitations can be sent from your company’s mailbox. Dematerialized mailings can be used to send various texts to your members, members, town council and elected representatives.

The dematerialization of invitations is a technological breakthrough that revitalizes the old systems used by event organizers and municipalities. Participants, elected representatives and local councillors can always request a written submission to complement the platform.

Our electronic invitation tool is an excellent solution.

What is a digital invitation platform?

Keep track of all your events in a single interface. It takes no time at all to get to grips with the system, making it easier for the meetings department to send out invitations and attachments.

Send your invitations securely, thanks to our software. Documents received are directly stored and grouped together on your event page, and can be accessed by your shareholders, members or elected representatives.

Our software offers a mobile working solution, with centralized data storage synchronized in real time.

Our tool complies with regulatory requirements for time-stamping and traceability, so you can track your shipments.

By opting for our dematerialized convocation solution, you benefit from the following advantages:

Why use our convocation solution?

No need to spend money on printing, inserting and postage.

Immediate deployment without installation.

Sending invitations and other documents in just a few clicks.

Certificate of dispatch, traceability, time-stamping, electronic signature on documents, with SMS code.

A dedicated team to help you optimize your mailings for your event, town council or general meeting.

Preserving the environment and forests.

Dematerialize invitations and facilitate proxy donations for your general meetings.
The steps :
Send all types of invitations:

Replace postal notification with electronic notification.

Electronic submission in compliance with the French Code des Collectivités territoriales.

Dematerialization of condominium owners’ general meeting convening, authorized by the Alur law.

Dematerialized accounting makes business accounting easier for professionals and user companies.


For your events, send email invitations for registration. Participants will then be able to confirm their attendance or notify their absence.

List of attendees

Quickly obtain a complete list of participants present and absent. This feature allows you to send out targeted, effective reminders.


Share your event programme and other important documents by uploading them to the platform for optimum accessibility.

Simplified proxy

In the event of absence, a participant may assign his or her proxy to a third party, simply by using our online platform.

Digital uploading

This solution can be combined with our digital sign-in system on a tablet on the day of the event.


Plan quizzes on the day of the event using the interactive voting system built into our platform.

Improve your event invitations
A solution adapted to local authorities.

As the number of town councils, meetings and deliberative sessions increases, so does the volume of paper documents. As well as having a significant environmental impact, this can be a heavy burden on community budgets. Our various electronic invitation services are an excellent alternative for sending documents.

What’s more, these documents can be consulted anywhere by any of our elected representatives, the mayor and municipal councillors. Its aim is to simplify life for mixed syndicates, municipalities and intercommunal bodies. Given the ecological implications of paper use, this could become an obligation.

Advantages for local authorities

Thanks to this evolution in the municipal system, local authorities of all sizes are benefiting from the advantages of our services:

Improved productivity
Cost savings
Simplified procedures
An eco-responsible approach
Make your meetings and events more reliable!
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