Online General Assembly

Revolutionise the organisation of your AGMs with our software!

An interactive voting system for your online AGMs.

Organize your general meetings and board meetings remotely, thanks to our online voting software. Digitalize and simplify all the steps involved in organization with our 3-in-1 solution.


Increase participation.

Secure document access

Simplified attendance tracking and reminders.

100% online power of attorney with certified signatures.

Digital sign up

Make identification easy.

Search by list or QR code scan.

Real-time quorum control.

Secure archiving of time-stamped signatures.

Interactive voting

Make voting more reliable.

Express your democratic voice in complete safety.

Anonymous elective ballots.

Secure solution with CNIL/ RGAA expertise.

Draft internal regulations
Changes to internal regulations

For your online GA:

A dematerialized invitation platform.

Association members receive their invitation and documents by e-mail, authenticate themselves by digital signature, then notify their presence or appoint a representative online at the general meeting.

Digital sign up.

The organizer can monitor quorum and attendance in real time to adapt the event accordingly. Participants identify themselves at the finish with a QR code and an electronic signature.

Secure, bailiff-controlled online voting.

Simplify and secure voting for resolutions and elections at your remote general meeting with our online solution or via electronic boxes, all supervised by a bailiff.

Certified signature of powers of attorney.

Interactive and electronic voting since 1986

years of experience

Founded in 1986, our company revolutionized the French voting scene by introducing the first electronic voting system. As pioneers, we orchestrated the first CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings.


Thanks to our innovative technology and processes, we’ve equipped numerous organizations for training and general meetings with great reliability.

interactive events

For over 30 years, our teams have supported a wide range of players at their Annual General Meetings, congresses and international conventions.

They put their trust in us

Want to switch to electronic voting?

Boost your General Assemblies.

Simplify the organization of your general meetings with our three-step solutions: Convene, Emit, Vote.

Our solution enables you to convene meetings, manage proxies and monitor attendance in real time, giving you direct access to the quorum.

How does an online general meeting work in practice?

It couldn’t be easier! The process is the same as for a classic, face-to-face general meeting, only we take care of :

Sending out invitations

Proxy management

– Signing in on the big day

– Voting on agenda items

– Drawing up a report on the various resolutions passed

The difference is that all these steps can be carried out entirely remotely, or in a hybrid fashion.

Quick and easy organization

Create and send the invitation.

Follow-up of openings and registrations.

Tracking attendance and giving power of attorney.

Direct visibility of quorum.

Targeted, automatic reminders.

D-Day – Online registration.

Visibility on live attendance.

Access to live voting results.

Export voting results.

We take care of the entire online voting process for your AGMs!

Invitation management.

Dematerialized Convening Platform.

Our solution offers a secure document space into which you can import all the documents required for your AGM event.

A dematerialized invitation will be sent to all members or shareholders concerned on the scheduled date.

As soon as you receive your invitation, you’ll receive a time-stamped acknowledgement of receipt, and you’ll have real-time access to the number of e-mails opened.

Each participant has their own personal space, where they can log in after receiving their invitation and secure code.

Once logged in to their personal space, participants have access to event documentation and information, and can choose whether or not to attend.

With our software, giving power is simple, fast and secure. Powers of attorney are managed online using our certified electronic signature system.

Online registration shows whether the participant is present or has given a proxy, in the event of absence.

Attendance tracking is simple and in real time. As an organizer, you have access to a complete list of participants, with up-to-date statuses and powers of attorney.

Any reminders are automated and targeted.

Certified signature of proxy.

Digital Sign-Up.

It’s easy to register participants on the big day, either on-site or online.

Participants can be identified in person at the AGM, by scanning the QR code allocated to them, or by entering their first and last names.

For online (remote) events, registration takes place when the event opens.

In just one click, each participant can sign on, sign off and vote online, via their computer, tablet or cell phone.

Proxies are taken directly into account by the application, enabling the number of voters, the number of votes and the validity of the quorum to be known at all times. With our solution, you can complete your report with reliable data.

You have access at all times to the export file with the list of participants present and powers of attorney granted and received.

The file of voters and proxies is digitized and secure.

Digital Sign Up.

Remote electronic voting.

Each participant receives a secure encryption key enabling them to vote on the various resolutions.

Voting can be anonymous or nominative, depending on your voting parameters.

Data is encrypted and secure, in full compliance with legal requirements, the RGPD and certified by a bailiff.

The results are counted immediately, taking into account the weight of the various votes.

This makes it possible to publish voting records in Excel and PDF format, in real time and under the supervision of a bailiff.

At the end of online voting, export the results in Excel and PDF, with detailed reports on your event. You now have all the information you need to draw up the AGM minutes.

Online voting.

Who can use our services to organize an Annual General Meeting?

Anyone who needs to organize a General Meeting (GM) with remote voting.

Companies :

Whether you’re a major international group organizing a shareholders’ meeting, or a very small or medium-sized business. You can also make your board of directors more reliable online.

Associations under the law of 1901:

For setting up annual meetings.

Federations and unions :

For whom the Annual General Meeting is a key moment in participative democracy: voting on by-laws, financial statements and moral reports.

Firms and syndicates :

Firms working on behalf of clients, who are owners’ representatives and have to organize general meetings of co-owners.

The advantages of an online general meeting.

Quick and easy.

We offer you fast, efficient and easy implementation of all stages of your Annual General Meeting.

Reliable and efficient.

Accurate data is essential, especially when checking quorum and drawing up the minutes.

Safety and traceability.

Your documents are secure, traceable and exportable at any time, including attendance lists, proxies and voting results.

Is our system really reliable?

With expertise in electronic voting systems since 1986 in France, we implement secure procedures, in compliance with the RGPD, and validated by a bailiff.

Our latest CAC 40 meetings

Our expertise at various companies

Whether you represent an association, a company, afederation or a syndicate, the best solution for organizing your Annual General Meeting is to call on our company specializing in online voting.

Make your remote and face-to-face meetings and events more reliable.
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