Digital Sign-Up

A solution to speed up and make
reliable the reception of participants
at your event both face-to-face and remotely.

Digital Sign Up online or on site using a tablet.


Digital Sign Up.

The solution for speeding up and ensuring the reliability of your event’s remote and face-to-face attendees. Transform your paper sign-in process by grouping each attendance sheet on a single screen.

Online registration platform.

Send invitations by email, centralize remote management of credentials and attendance. Real-time control of invitation status.

Digital signature on a high-speed tablet.

At the sign-in desk, participants present their QR code and sign directly onto the tablet with their finger. Within 10 seconds, the participant is registered.

Real-time monitoring of attendance and quorum.

You can track changes in the number of shares and voting rights in real time. The quorum is calculated in real time.

Secure, digitized attendance register.

At the end of your event, export the file with all digitized signatures and powers of attorney sent to voters.

SIGN UP APPLICATION: How does it work?


Easy for users, each box has a screen for changing choices. Simply plug in the USB receiver and the system is ready for up to 4,000 boxes.


Track attendance at your events and AGM quorums live, with complete transparency for efficient management in real time.


When you receive your participant's email, they are identified and their status is updated. Credentials management is updated on a single interface.


A participant form can be edited in real time on the interface or on a tablet. You have all the information centralised and personalised.


Proxies are added directly from the application and synchronised on all tablets for face-to-face or hybrid reception.


You export all the electronic signatures and the number of proxies received for each participant in the same file.

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Founded in 1986, our company revolutionized the French voting scene by introducing the first electronic voting system. As pioneers, we orchestrated the first CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings.


Thanks to our innovative technology and processes, we’ve equipped numerous organizations for training and general meetings with great reliability.


For over 30 years, our teams have supported a wide range of players at their Annual General Meetings, congresses and international conventions.

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Scan your signatures

Digital signatures are generally used for business purposes. It is used to validate contracts, forms or payments. It is also widely used by professional training organizations and event organizers. Digital signatures are used in all sectors where the commitment of several parties is at stake.

On the other hand, this concept can be seen as a more practical solution than traditional paper-based sign-in. As a trainer or company, adopting dematerialized signature tools offers you the chance to make significant savings both in terms of paper and processing time, as well as being a real ecological and sustainable ally.

What is the purpose of digital signatures?

Simplify your reception processes.

No need to bother with paper attendance sheets or sheets for collecting signatures.
Thanks to the latest technology, sign-in can be entirely paperless.

It's an option that's both economical and environmentally friendly. Here's how electronic signatures work and why you should use them.

A multi-loading solution.

The digital signature brings together various ways of validating attendance sheets, involving the intervention of a signatory and an appropriate tool. Common methods include signing on a tablet with a stylus, but the concept also embraces other forms of identification such as QR codes, fingerprints or voice.

Digital sign-in is an indispensable tool for both remote and face-to-face work. It’s the ideal solution for exchanging documents and generating attendance reports with customers or colleagues. It enables follow-up validations to be carried out in person at high speed.

In the digital age, the digital signature is an essential tool for companies of all sizes wishing to remain competitive and extend their business reach. It’s also an effective way of verifying the attendance of participants at an online training course, professional training or on-site event.

Why opt for digital signatures?

Digital signatures also save time.

The traditional scheme for validating a signature on a paper document involves a delay to the signatory that can extend to several minutes, the time it takes to find the name in a paper list.

The time needed to retrieve the signed document must also be taken into account.

Digital signatures significantly reduce these delays, and limit the process to just a few clicks for each party involved.

The dematerialization of documents and lists to be signed also simplifies their processing. They can be shared, categorized and continuously tracked with minimum effort. The time needed to print, scan or archive them can then be used for more productive tasks.

At the end of their life, documents end up in archive boxes or in the garbage can. Yet every year, companies and training organizations invest substantial sums in paper and other consumables. But the cost of the traditional method of document validation is not limited to the financial aspect.

The ecological impact is also considerable. We need to take into account the consequences of exploiting the forests needed to produce paper. Added to this are the problems associated with the energy consumed in making paper and transporting it by mail. Opting for dematerialization of documents to be issued saves money and helps protect the environment.

Thanks to advances in technology, authentication can now be carried out with particularly high levels of security and reliability. What’s more, electronic signatures make it possible to classify information in such a way that it can be easily traced, no matter how long ago it was created.

These data can be easily duplicated and require little physical space for storage. This reduces the risk of data loss. Finally, digitizing a signature makes it more difficult to forge it before or after the event, with a precise time stamp.

Why use our digital signature solution?

We provide you with digital sign-in tools for all your needs: companies, associations, vocational training, training centers and events. Thanks to our applications, custom-developed by experts, you can manage attendance in real time.

We make sure our interfaces are simple and intuitive. You’ll be able to familiarize yourself with our tools right from the start. We implement numerous features to optimize performance. For example, QR code authentication is an ergonomic solution that enhances the reliability and security of sign-in at your various events.

Our tools make it possible to monitor attendees’ presence while saving a considerable amount of time. Electronic signatures obtained with our solution have the same legal value as handwritten signatures. If you’re a trainer, this is the ideal choice for dematerializing your sign-in sheets . If you’re an event organizer, it simplifies access for participants, with faster, more efficient reception and fewer queues.

Simplify the organization of your events.

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