Our history

Our history reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in electronic voting in France. As a family-run business, we are proud to have led the way in introducing electronic voting, initially based on the distribution of shareholdings, a major breakthrough that has revolutionized the way in which AGMs are still conducted today.

Imagine a general meeting, a place where crucial decisions are taken, but where the management of votes according to the number of shares is traditionally complex and prone to potential errors.

That’s where our electronic voting units come in, offering a simple and secure solution.

Our adventure in electronic voting began in 1986, when we were the first in France to meet the stringent requirements of general meetings by introducing electronic voting systems using voting boxes. Our company, then known as Système Périclès, has since evolved to become i-Périclès, a leading player in the field of electronic voting.

In 1995, we made history by organizing the very first shareholders’ meeting of a CAC 40 company, Compagnie Générale Des Eaux, which became Vivendi in 1998. Then, in 2000, we orchestrated the MEDEF general meeting using our electronic voting terminals.

Our name, i-Pericles, carries the legacy of Athenian democracy and the visionary spirit of Pericles, and embodies our commitment to improving the reliability and efficiency of your shareholders’ meetings, while writing our own story of innovation and success.

This expertise accumulated over the years today enables us to offer you a tailor-made service, adapted to the size and regulatory specificities of your general meeting. Whether you choose to rent or buy our electronic voting machines, our solution improves the reliability and efficiency of your general meetingsa new milestone on your road to success.

Our route

Over 37 years' experience
France's first interactive voting terminal

Our company revolutionized the French scene by introducing the first electronic voting system.

Wireless on the way
Icone wifi
The revolution

The new wireless box makes its appearance, revolutionizing electronic voting for the second time.

Vivendi Annual General Meeting
Organization of the Annual General Meeting of a CAC 40 company.

The very first shareholders' meeting of Compagnie Générale Des Eaux, which became Vivendi in 1998.

MEDEF Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meeting organized with our electronic voting systems.

We orchestrated the MEDEF general meeting using our electronic voting terminals.

New voting box
boitier de vote i-Périclès
A new case design

To remain at the forefront of innovation and meet our customers' needs, we've given our boxes a makeover.

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