Secure voting system
by box and online

for General Meetings, Elections, Training and Quizzes.

An all-in-one system for remote, hybrid and face-to-face events, including participant invitation and digital signature. You can choose between and interactive voting solution and an online voting system.

Interactivity for all

i-Pericles is the complete solution for power management, digital voting and online voting.


Dematerialized Convening Platform.

Online management of invitations and credentials, with attendance tracking (RSVP).

Optimize the sending of invitations and the consultation of documents in a secure area.
Manage registrations online with real-time tracking.
Facilitate online power of attorney with simplified signature.
Increase your participation rate with targeted reminders.
Certified signature of powers of attorney.

Sign Up.

Digital Sign Up.

The participant presents a QR code and signs on a tablet (or online) on the day of the event for fast, queue-free registration. A PDF document with all the digital signatures is then generated.

Offer your participants a fast and efficient electronic signature, for optimal follow-up of your event.
Keep an eye on attendance and your quorum in real time, for controlled organization.
Your data is safe with our archiving system, which complies with current regulations.


Online voting.

Vote online, without constraints or limits, with remote voting. Express your voice anywhere, anytime. Benefit from a simplified process and an intuitive user experience, allowing you to take part in elections in just a few clicks.

Voting by box.

All votes are collected instantly and integrated into a Powerpoint. Results are broadcast in real time according to vote weight. Fast, reliable ballots to ensure the reliability of your general meetings and elections on our secure platform.

Discover our high-performance voting systems, designed to offer you the reliability and security you need.
View election results instantly, wherever you are.
Keep an eye on the number and percentage of votes cast, for a reliable ballot.

Interactive and electronic voting
since 1986

years of experience

Founded in 1986, our company revolutionized the French voting scene by introducing the first electronic voting system. As pioneers, we orchestrated the first CAC 40 shareholders’ meetings.


Thanks to our innovative technology and processes, we’ve equipped numerous organizations for training and general meetings with great reliability.


For over 30 years, our teams have supported a wide range of players at their Annual General Meetings, congresses and international conventions.

They put their trust in us :

Simplify your general meetings, elections and training courses!

Our secure online platform enables you to take part in decisions at your general meetings remotely.

No need to plan your schedule around the dates and locations of general meetings. You can now vote at your convenience, at any time and from any connected device.

Dematerialized invitation platform:
Invitations are electronic, with online management of proxies. Each participant gives his or her proxy and notifies his or her presence.

Online voting system: Reliable, secure and anonymous general meetings with ballot encryption and two-step authentication.

Under bailiff control: A controlled voting procedure guaranteeing anonymity, digital ballot box sealing and data destruction.

AGM online.

Quick and easy


Safety and traceability


For high-stakes elections:

A secure, expert voting platform.

Platform tested and compliant with CNIL recommendations

Secure encryption and two-step authentication.

All voters receive an email with their encryption keys, authenticate themselves in two steps, vote online and then encrypt their ballots in the browser.


The ballot box is sealed by the tellers.

The scrutineers generate a decryption key guaranteeing the sealing of the digital ballot box.


Public footprints at every stage.

All prints are displayed in real time and controlled by our systems. The result is established by an encryption process that guarantees the integrity of the ballot and anonymity.

High-performance, reliable interactive voting terminals.

The principle of interactive voting

When the question or resolution is displayed, participants use their smartphones and voting results appear instantly.


Easy for users, each box has a screen for modifying choices. Simply plug in the USB receiver and the system is ready for up to 4,000 boxes.


Our boxed voting software, ideal for general meetings and training sessions, offers management of voting weights and prize lists for a reliable, interactive experience.


Fully integrated with PowerPoint, our system adapts to your practices and uses. Questions are generated in one click, according to your graphic charter, and results are displayed in real time.


We have extensively developed the ergonomics and reliability of our system. No Internet connection is required, ensuring secure use in a variety of environments.


At the end of voting sessions, a full report is generated and exported in PowerPoint and Excel formats. For elections and student tracking, an anonymous voting option is also available.


i-Périclès' experience enables us to provide an affordable voting system, with customer support based in France, available every day and including training and coaching.

Real-time digital sign-in management with terminal or tablet.

– Support for the number of votes, management of colleges or groups and addition of plenary postal voting.

– Creation of resolutions in PowerPoint according to your graphic charter.

– Results displayed in number of votes and percentages.

Participant tracking grid to identify voters in real time on screen.

Election mode for up to 999 candidates and as many possible choices.

Anonymous mode prevents any recording of voting choices.

Excel export of anonymous or nominative results.

– Start-up registration function.

– Creation of training content in PowerPoint according to your graphic charter.

– Manage groups, teams and nominative lists.

– Creation of all types of questions with score per correct answer.

Results comparison module to measure knowledge acquisition before and after.

Customized export of results by participant and by question.

Creation of game teams at the start of the real-time quiz.

– Presentation editing in PowerPoint, full display customization.

Question settings with scores for correct answers and speed.

– Creation of team or individual prize lists.

– Project presentation meeting with prioritization of proposals during a conference.

Interactive voting software.

The voting software is integrated into PowerPoint and designed to meet the full range of possibilities offered by electronic voting.

Rental and purchase of electronic voting machines.

The first interactive voting system.


Our company was a pioneer in France in the creation and development of the first electronic voting system.

This technological advance has revolutionized general assembly meetings, adding an interactive element to training courses and events.

Latest-generation voting device.



Over the years, our interactive voting system has evolved to become more powerful, and fully integrated into PowerPoint.

We have also added an online voting system, with digital convocation and signature.

Certifications and compatibilities :

Purchase of interactive voting terminals.

For regular use, users opt for an electronic evaluation and voting system for general meetings, training courses with quizzes and company meetings.

We’ve been developing our electronic voting software since 1986, and our priorities are ease of use and reliability.

Voting and evaluation terminals are intuitive to use, and only a click away! Creating a resolution or question is instantaneous. At your conference, it’s a dynamic tool for presentations, quizzes and training.

100% integrated into PowerPoint, you don’t have to change your habits. Once the slide has been edited, it is ready for voting.

i-Périclès’ experience enables us to offer a competitively priced voting system with support based in France and available 7 days a week.

For general meetings, board meetings and company elections, our wireless system makes it easy to calculate votes for resolutions and multi-ballot elections.

We have equipped several hundred companies, training centers, universities and hospitals with our interactive system on a daily basis.

Our interactive systems collect students’ answers to a quiz via a Powerpoint presentation broadcast by video projection.

You can use our contact form to request a quotation for our systems.

Rental of interactive voting terminals.

Our interactive voting service is suitable for any event from 10 to 4,000 participants.

General meetings and training sessions are simplified and made more reliable with electronic voting. Interactive terminals facilitate quiz-type events, with points awarded and prizes awarded.

Participants receive their boxes, and when the question is displayed, they answer.The results of the votes appear instantly on the screen in the form of histograms in absolute values and percentages.

At the end of the voting sessions, a detailed report is exported in Excel format.

Interactive voting makes it easy to organize general meetings, interactive quizzes and training courses . It’s a tool that can be set up to collect the response of a voter or student during a company meeting or conference.

There are two options for renting voting boxes:

1- A specialist i-Périclès representative will be on hand during your event to deliver the voting boxes, manage the voting process and export the results.

2- You manage the voting process, and receive the voting equipment and software a few days before your event. Remote training is all it takes to get up to speed quickly.

Contact us to request a quote for your conference, and we’ll be happy to demonstrate our wireless voting systems.

A reliable voting solution for every application.

Annual General Meetings

Simplify the organization of your meetings by integrating voting weights reliably and securely with the box, via Internet or SMS. Simplify convocation and sign-in.


Organize all your elections while respecting the anonymity and security of personal data. Our cryptographic system allows the digital urn to be sealed.

Training and education

Instantly display participants' answers and easily animate the evaluation with our PowerPoint add-in. Collect student or participant response with session tracking.

Quizzes and polls

Collect answers via polls and engage your audience with quizzes and rankings. Integrate interactive voting directly into your Powerpoint presentations.

Ensure the reliability of your physical and remote meetings and events.
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